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Talented composer Alison Connaught has spent her career writing music for big names, but when her actress daughter, Ria, dies from an overdose, Alison is numb and can no longer compose.

Haunted by the feeling that she had somehow let Ria down, Alsion searches for answers, first during an intense stay with a Hopi shaman and then by travelling to Hollywood to try to piece together the many parts of Ria's life that have so far eluded her.

As she meets her daughter's friends. colleagues and therapists, Alison finally begins to understand the realities of Ria's life, opening the door to self expression and a different kind of music, inspired by stirred, raw feelings and the spirit of Ria.

A visceral and deeply moving tale of grief, regret and ultimately hope. 


Published by Red Door Press


Mesmerised Trailer

The year is 1863 

Paris is imbued with the spirit of revolution. 

A group of rogue painters,

 later to become known as the Impressionists,

revolt against the ideals of the art establishment.

One of them, 

Dr Paul Gachet, 

is also inspired to update the world of medicine, 

with homeopathy

’This is an immensely readable, un-put-downable, book which is bound to encourage anyone to look more deeply into the subjects treated. A book for art lovers, for students of 19th century French history and literature, for homeopaths, and for anyone in search of a jolly good read.'  Kersten Roth, book lover

Published by Red Door Press


God's Will and the Yellow Dress

 My husband comes from far away, so I’d only seen him once before the wedding. It was the afternoon he came to speak to my father.

My mother said I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the room, but I am curious by nature and sat down on the sill of the casement opposite the slightly open door…

'Your novel is a fantastic study of the choices we make and how the repercussions impact on those around us.' Isha Karki, Furniss Lawton

The Separated

Michael and Molly are vulnerable. They find life unimaginably difficult. Being in a house when a dead body is discovered is not only devastating but leads Michael to a breakdown, whilst Molly gets arrested on suspicion of murder. The couple are bound by a strange soul connection and must struggle to keep their relationship together whilst the consequences of the murder play on. 




The Subtle Art of Healing

a novella which was longlisted for the Cinnamon Press Novella Award in 2007

This is the contemporary story of Julia Paradise: An artist whose paintings sell for huge amounts of money. She has joined the ranks of the privileged rich and famous. But Julia has a private life too...

'Michelle Shine's novella is a stunning read. I was gripped by the very first paragraph and from then on I could not put the book down.' 
Rowena Ronson, the author of Looking Back, Moving Forward

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