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God's Will and the Yellow Dress

My husband comes from far away, so I’d only seen him once before the wedding. It was the afternoon he came to speak to my father.

My mother said I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the room, but I am curious by nature and sat down on the sill of the casement opposite the slightly open door…

'Your novel is a fantastic study of the choices we make and how the repercussions impact on those around us.' Isha Karki, Furniss Lawton


'You instantly thrust the reader into the world of a shtetl.' Carrie Plitt, Conville & Walsh


'I love the idea.'  Hellie Ogden, Janklow and Nesbit


'I found it very interesting.' Diana Beaumont, Rupert Heath


'We are sure you will find the right home for this and we wish you every success in doing so.'  The Blair Partnership

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