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Song for Ria Q & A session

Ed Whitfield and Michelle Shine in conversation at a Penzance LitFest Fringe event 5 July 2022

February 2, 2015. Lainy Malkani talks to author and homeopath, Michelle Shine

April 3, 2014. Author Interview on New Release: Mesmerised, by Michelle Shine. Debra Brown

February 24, 2014 Michelle Shine A Novel Approach To Homeopathy in Impressionist Art Posted by Debby Bruck

July 7, 2013. Fiona Pearse - Virtual Coffee Interview with Michelle Shine

July 5, 2013 Michelle Shine (Lovers’ Lies) and Lennart Lundh (Weird Lies) talk about their writing histories

Interview with Michelle Shine published in the Alliance of Registered Homeopath’s journal/Autumn 2013


December 6, 2013. The Life, Love, and Medicine of Charles Darwin's Physician by Michelle Shine


Michelle Shine reading Skin Deep - An unusual love story that takes place in Tenerife



Michelle Shine reading at WritLoud


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