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The year is 1863 

Paris is imbued with the spirit of revolution. 

A group of rogue painters,

 later to become known as the Impressionists,

revolt against the ideals of the art establishment.

One of them, 

Dr Paul Gachet, 

is also inspired to update the world of medicine, 

with homeopathy

’This is an immensely readable, un-put-downable, book which is bound to encourage anyone to look more deeply into the subjects treated. A book for art lovers, for students of 19th century French history and literature, for homeopaths, and for anyone in search of a jolly good read.'  Kersten Roth, book lover

Published by Red Door Press

1863, Paris, newly built by Haussmann. Avenues have superseded alleys, and cafés have sprung up where there used to be hovels. A group of talented creatives want more than just the face of the city to change. They want their stark truth to be accepted by society, and they are prepared to fight for their ideas to be heard. Dr Paul Gachet, doctor, artist and trustworthy friend to the Impressionists is one of them. He explores the spirit of substances by testing them upon himself and brings Camille Pissarro's brother back from the brink of death using one of his unlikely medicines. When he successfully treats a young prostitute at the hospital Salpêtrière who is diagnosed with insanity, he discovers that there s much more than just his integrity at stake.







'Any fan of the Impressionist artists, historical fiction, or of a ripping good read will be beguiled by this book. Exquisite writing.' Beth Cordingly, actress


'Michelle Shine manages to infuse a thoroughly evocative atmosphere into a page-turner plot. I can't wait for the sequel.' Charlie Fish - author: The Man Who Married Himself


'Mesmerised is a wonderful book. It skilfully binds very different themes and wraps them in a beautifully written narrative that will keep you captivated to the very last.' Louisa Dreisin, Serpentina Books.



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