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Jon, my late husband used to say the whole of life is about timing. If he hadn't just left his first wife and I hadn't just left my first husband when we both did, we may never have met. And if we'd had met earlier on in our lives we wouldn't have appreciated each other. We used to acknowledge this, whilst marvelling that our relationship was flourishing solely because we lived in the light of our two previous marital experiences.

For years I have lived by the old saying, sink or swim, or as Churchill once said, 'When it gets difficult, keep going.' When Jon died things were difficult. Very difficult. I kept going. So much of Jon is a part of me now. His wisdom, a guiding light. 'It's all about timing. Swings and roundabouts,' he'd say. I had to believe my time would come again.

It's over three years now since his passing, and in a very different way, this year felt llke my time had come again, at least for a while. After a lifetime, or what has appeared to me like a lifetime, of rejection letters from magazines and publishers, this year the acceptance letters kept coming.

Dr Paul Gachet, my protagonist, in my debut novel 'Mesmerised' said, 'I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that forces of the universe dictate when certain fates collide.' Perhaps, he is right and it's all in the stars.

His story will be published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2013.

I'm celelbrating.



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