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Trying to Survive in the 21st Century/Homeopathy, it worked for me


Several years ago I had a phenomena which lingered for many months. This left me with a constant cough, feeling very tired, and dependant on Paracetamol. Within days of having homeopathic treatment I did not require any other medication, the cough almost disappeared immediately, as did my constant aches and pains.

Soon after having these results, I took my 4 year old son for a consultation since he was a chronic asthma sufferer. Again, with homeopathic treatment the results were quite amazing and he no longer needs to take his puffer and has to this day never had an asthma attack (he is now 12).

I strongly believe in the properties of homeopathic medicine and can honestly say that it is compatible with me.

More recently I had been feeling under par, tired, and once again started coughing. I was lucky enough to be treated by my former homeopath who is incredibly knowledgable and knows just the right remedies for me to take.

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