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Trying to Survive in the 21st Century/If You Are Female part one

Just recently, a friend asked me if I knew whether tampons and sanitary towels can cause an allergic reaction...this is what I know:

In 2013, the Daily Mail ran an article featuring the subject of women’s sanitary wear. A female organisation, Women's Voices for The Earth were concerned about the effects of preservatives, pesticides, fragrances and dyes that could be contained in the ingredients. Their concerns were substantiated by a study that took place in 1999 which demonstrates the extreme permeability of our vaginal walls. The study concluded that the effects of estradiol were 10 to 80 percent more powerful when administered vaginally as opposed to orally. The possible risks could run from allergic rash and irritation through to asthma and cancer. No mention was made of what these products might do to the environment when they are broken down.

As it stands, manufacturers are not duty bound to disclose what goes into these products that are conveniently registered as 'medical devices'.

This video demonstrates what happens when you burn a commercial brand of sanitary towel, as opposed to a pure cotton alternative.

You can buy organic cotton tampons and sanitary towels very easily, over the internet, here in the UK. You can also buy moon cups, lunar sponges, cloth tampons and sanitary towels, which are likely to be even kinder to your skin, as well as the environment, and they are also recyclable.

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