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Trying to survive in the 21st century/5 things you might like to consider before voting on the EU re

1. The threat of political union

2. The threat to the preservation of individual and small business rights

Big business and banks are financing the remain campaign

3. The threat to ethics in medicine

For example, one of two UK board members on The European Medicines Agency (an offshoot of the European Union) is Ian Hudson. On his Curriculum Vitae he has stated that he had various posts between 1989-2001 in research and development in SmithKline Beecham. This has not been mentioned on his declaration of interests.

4.The threat to food safety

The European Commission plans to relicense the carcinogen glyphosate

5. The threat to stability under our homes

Profracking industry members secretly influencing the EU on the extraction of shale gas

#glyphosate #EuropeanUnion

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