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The Subtle Art of Healing

This is the contemporary story of Julia Paradise: An artist whose paintings sell for huge amounts of money. She has joined the ranks of the privileged rich and famous. But Julia has a private life too. Unable to hide naked truths from the world or even from herself any longer, she embarks on a journey that takes her from spontaneous passion to devastation, as the eyes of the world watch on. With sink or swim determination, Julia unveils the mystery that surrounds her life, whilst at the same time discovering a very different kind of love.

a novella which was longlisted for the Cinnamon Press Novella Award in 2007

'Michelle Shine's novella is a stunning read. I was gripped by the very first paragraph and from then on I could not put the book down.' 
Rowena Ronson, the author of Looking Back, Moving Forward

'A truly captivating tale of human vulnerability. Michelle Shine has the irrefutable author's gift of mesmerizing the reader to the end.' 
S.J. Kaye, former editor of The Marbella Times

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