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What About the Potency?

(A Comprehensive Guide to Homeopathic Potency and Dosage)

'This is a wonderful, honest book that deals with the thorny issue of potency & definitely not one to be missed!'  Louisa at Serpentina books

'This is a wonderful book of insights, observations and guidelines.'   Lawrence Bogle, The Homeopath

When a homeopath prescribes, three choices must be made: what remedy to give, what potency to give it in and how often the remedy is to be repeated.


If you are not always sure how to evaluate the outcome of your prescribing, or what you should do next; if you have ever wished you could help to initiate gentler cures, then her is a comprehensive guide to making your latter two decisions easier, by teaching you how to guage an appropriate potency and dosage for your patients.


As your knowledge of Materia Medica grows, this book aims to help you to feel more confident, not just with your choice of remedy, but with every prescriptive choice that you have to make.

'Give me more!' Glynis Ingram


'Let me say once again how excellent a work I think it is, and how much it fills the gap in homeopathic literature.' Nick Churchil


'I really am struck by the openness and thoughtfulness of your writing and thinking style - it is truly wondrous and I love it.' Miranda Castro


'Michelle has been able to see through the fog of the potency/dosage dilemma more clearly than, I am sure, many of us....I really think we all need this book now.'  Meg Brinton, Homeopathy in Practice


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