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Get Mesmerised Today

‘Any fan of the Impressionist artists, historical fiction, or of a ripping good read will be beguiled by this book. Exquisite writing.’

                                  Beth Cordingly


Song for Ria Today

Winner of the Literary Titan Silver Award 2023


‘Poignant.’ Kirkus


‘Hauntingly beautiful..’ Love Reading


‘A stunning read.’ Authors Reading


‘Emotionally-resonant…sharp, observant and completely heart-wrenching.’ Literary Titan.

What About the Potency?

'This is a wonderful, honest book that deals with the thorny issue of potency & definitely not one to be missed!'  Louisa at Serpentina books

'This is a wonderful book of insights, observations and guidelines.'  Lawrence Bogle, The Homeopath

What About Homeopathy?

An honest answer to an honest question

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