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When all is Said

Anne Griffin

An exceptional novel, set in Ireland and narrated by an old man who sits in the bar of a hotel and reflects on his totally engaging rags-to-riches story and all the complicated entangled relationships that went with it. And then, when all is said…

The Salt Path

Winn Raynor

A true story told with humility and honesty, about the wonders of life when a couple who invested in a friend’s dodgy dealings, lose everything and are made homeless. The husband has been diagnosed with CBD, but nevertheless, they pack up the few items they still possess and embark on a walk from Somerset to Lands End and then further and further still until they eventually arrive at an uplifting end to their long trek.

Case Study

Graeme Macrae Burnet

A young woman whose only sibling committed suicide goes to see her sister’s psychotherapist on a hunch that he had something to do with her death. Great characterisations and encapsulating elements of the 1960s in reminiscent clarity.

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Mattias Desmet

Anyone who wants to understand the collective psychology of man through the ages from The Enlightenment to present day should read this book which, quite brilliantly, explains it all.

The Mercies

Kiran Millwood Hargrove

Back in the 17th Century, in Norway, after the Vardo storm when all the men drowned, the women ruled themselves until a man of God arrived to govern them, leading to a witch hunt. The fear, betrayal, love and secret solidarity is breathtaking. Sensitive and atmospheric. I couldn’t put it down.

Small Things Like These

Claire Keegan

A family man delivers fuel to a Magdelene Laundry and discovers the truth of what was going on there. A beautiful, simple tale, majestically told.

Meet me at the Museum

Anne Youngson

Simply charming!

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