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Trying to Survive in the 21st Century/Homeopathy, it worked for me

Debra says:

Homeopathy gave me life - the life of two new babies.

Like lots of couples we had some fertility issues, one of which was related to ovulation. We had a traditional medicine approach in place but decided to try homeopathy first. One dose of Funiculinum and that month I knew I was ovulating; the following month I missed a period and unbelievably I was pregnant! Two years later, wanting a second baby and not conceiving very quickly, a second dose of Funiculinum did the trick. Success is not always so speedy finding the right remedy relies on you giving good quality information to your homeopath as well as their research and knowledge but so began my relationship,with a fascinating and brilliant health system. Several times more homeopathy has really hit the spot:

When my eldest son waas 3 years old he picked up an apple from the garden complete with wasp! Yells and tears followed but it was the swelling of a tiny finger which promptd me to phone Michelle. A speedy car journey and a dose of Apis and I watched the swelling disappear before my eyes. This incident inspired me to attend one of Michelle's Homeopathic First Aid Courses,

My second son at 18 months or so developed something called Reflex Anoxic Seizure, not life threatening so we were told, but as a young parent extremely scary as your child collapses before your eyes into a dead faint and when they awake are disorientated and exhausted, more like the collapse/recovery from an epileptic fit. Conventional medicine suggests that most children grow out of this but some go on to require a pace maker but meanwhile it is a very frightening experience. I believed one of the triggers for these episodes in my son was pain, whether it be teething or a bump and adding this in to the diagnosis once again homeopathy came up trumps and a swiftly administered dose of Cuprum Metallicum became our 'go to' rememdy at the first sign of an episode and, it always did the trick!

What's not to believe! It may be an extremely diluted element/particle in the tablet or tincture but for me and my family the evidence has been in its efficacy - I remain an extremely devoted user of homeopathy.

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