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Israel and the Palestinians/ Shocking but True

1 Palestinians have never had sovereignty over the land that is now Israel.

2 The Palestinians have been offered statehood and refused it 3 times.

In 1948, after World War 2, the British were forced to give up their rule over the piece of land now called Israel. It was agreed that half the land would be given to the Arabs living in the region and half to the Jews who were already living there. The Arabs refused the offered statehood and within 48 hours all neighbouring Arab states had waged war on the new Jewish state of Israel.

In 2000, during the 2nd Infatada against Israeli civilians, Arafat, the then Palestinian leader, was offered all of Gaza and most of the West Bank, no Israeli control over the border with Jordan or the adjacent Jordan Valley, a small Israeli annexation around three settlement blocs balanced by an equivalent area of Israeli territory that would have been ceded to the Palestinians, but Arafat refused the offer.

In 2008, the Palestinians were once again offered statehood, this time the deal included uprooting tens of thousands of Israeli citizens and dividing up Jerusalem, and once again the Palestinian leadership refused the offer.

3. Zionism was founded on socialist values.

4 There is no apartheid in Israel

5 However Jews have a long history of being driven out of Arab and Muslim lands

6 The Palestinians receive one of the highest levels of aid in the world

7 The Occupation of Gaza and The West Bank

During the 1948 war between Israel and its Arab neighbours Gaza became occupied by Egypt and The West Bank and East Jerusalem were occupied by Jordan. During the 6 Day War in 1967 Israel won back Gaza from Egypt and The West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.

8 The evacuation of Jews from Arab settlements doesn’t pave the way to peace, unfortunately.

In 2005, Israel evacuated the Gaza strip. 8,500 Jewish homes were evacuated, and no Israeli troops remained, in fact no Jew remains within the Gaza borders at all. This initiative was taken as a step forward to gaining peace with the Palestinians.

In 2006, the Palestinians in Gaza voted in the terrorist organization Hamas to rule over them

The covenant of Hamas calls for the complete destruction of Israel and its citizens.

Since 2005 Palestinian terrorists have carried out hundreds of attacks killing and wounding thousands of Israeli citizens, reinforcing the need to keep strict border controls between Gaza and Israel.

The Palestinaian Authority rewards these terrorists with aid money

Hamas has also built tunnels to infiltrate Israel

And its leaders have grown rich

Palestinian children are taught to hate and murder Jews

9 And despite all of the above The Jewish State still:

Pays for approximately 60% of the electricity in Gaza (and the West Bank)

Provides aid to Gaza

Offers healthcare to all Palestinians, even terrorists and their families

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