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My opinion on what makes Britain great and why I'm proud to be British at this time.

Mine is just another of a million different opinions that are out there at the moment, all over social media and in the press, but from where I’m sitting I feel very grateful to be a citizen of Great Britain, and I say that without any apology, because to my mind, Britain even at this time, is great. I shall explain.

During the lead up to the referendum, I have never been so nervous about the way things were going. Austerity and the way it was implemented; financially penalising the most fragile and vulnerable in our society whilst rewarding the rich has led to a hatred and discord mushrooming all around and echoing out in many parts of the world. As usual, aggression and unfounded blame is directed in abundance against people who are born to the Jewish faith, and the only Jewish state. Being Jewish I was starting to feel incredibly unsafe.

I knew that my single vote wasn’t going to change anything, but I took the responsibility of my task, to put an X by either LEAVE or REMAIN, very seriously. I did an inordinate amount of research. Whilst politicians spewed their hype and rhetoric, I learned that the EU was not an organisation to which I wanted to belong. Immigration, the single market, short term wealth, and the subject of visas, jobs abroad and queues at passport control paled into insignificance as I contemplated a future where my ancestor’s would not be able to vote, lobby or protest for the things they believed in and what they thought was right. And what is more, the federation that will make every political decision for them is currently making plans to have its own army, a dangerous proposition, especially as it has already shown that it can and will fail when it comes to integrity. I also discovered that fishermen, farmers and small businesses were compromised, in their ability to make a living, by EU laws.

I voted out.

I was as stunned as everybody else when I woke the next morning to discover that my vote was in the majority, but I was also strangely calm. In my job as a homeopath I have observed how people find healing through a change of ways, and mostly, come to it when they are so far along the wrong path that it is literally killing them.

In order to save their own life they have to make a radical alteration, one that leads to a kind of re-birthing. Not everyone can manage it. Homeopathy can help. But in the end it's down to the living entity itself (it doesn't have to be a person) and very often those closest to the patient strongly oppose the desperate measures that have had to be taken, because they too are forced to shift in order to accommodate the healing. This is what I have, consistently,observed in over 23 years of practice when my patients take that first vital step towards wellness.

As a homeopath, this process is often difficult to traverse, it means the patient entering into alien territory on a journey that starts with pain, complete chaos and fear, like that which precipitated the arrival of a new prime minister, one who has signalled the end to austerity, and a way of governing that only benefits those that do not need benefitting. By embracing democracy our country has made a courageous motion in an attempt to curtail the spread of an aggressive dis-ease. So, it is not whether we are the 5th largest economy that matters most at present, nor the unsteady pound, it is the fact that we, collectively, have have visualised something better and veered our ship towards it, and this, in my view, is what makes Britain great.


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