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Another year begins...

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

It is the 8th day of January 2022. I am sitting at my desk listening to sirens which I hear all day and at night ever since the beginning of January last year, ever since the roll out of the CV19 injections, which is of course is coincidental. So are all the 'sudden deaths', the collapsings, dyings after a short illness, the myocarditis and pericardits, strokes and heart attacks in kids. All the blood clots, the nuerological symptoms, the miscarriages, the metrorrhagia, shingles, infertility, blindness. I cannot take a drive to my gym or to my daughter’s house without counting a number of ambulances en route. It is a constant reminder of the extreme times we live in.

I have just watched a podcast from a recent episode of The Corona Committee ; a public investigation into the criminality behind the Covid-19 pandemic. The video is entitled “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX) Industry!”

The thing is, big pharma have always made bio weapons and used them on people for profit. They create drugs that cover up symptoms but create worse problems, in the body and mind, longterm. They make injections that are meant to give immunity against certain diseases but also trigger a whole gamut of deep pathology which can be suppressed by their drugs. It’s a chicken and egg win-win situation for the industry. The sheer power that these manufacturers of sickness have accrued by using this method of ill-health-care adopted by physicians and endorsed by governments all over the world is only now becoming transparent. Now that they are fully backed by the most wealthy people on the planet, wealthier than countries and governments, big pharma has taken on the role of front-line military that is fundamental to the implementation of The Great Reset.

These globalists and their institutions have money and clout:

Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF and the host of Davos forums, is the son of Eugen Schwab, a Nazi.

David Rockefeller, through his foundation, financed IG Farben; the company that made experimental drugs for Mengele et al.

On George Soros, Karen Haradine writes in The Conservative Woman: His own description of war as a time of ‘exciting adventures’ (pg 28) and his declaration that 1944 was the happiest year of his life are bizarre, given that this was when Nazis implemented the last phase of the Final Solution. Soros’s pride in thriving while millions suffered and perished is disturbing.

Bill Gates father was a founding member of the eugenics society.

These men are open and honest about their desires for population reduction and global domination. Their goals are more sophisticated and slick in their sleight of hand than their forebears. They are living proof that Nuremburg One didn’t go far enough.

In the Organon of Medicine, Samuel Hahnemann described the methodology of healing organically, without side effects, by mirroring the root of the problem with a medicine. In psychotherapy, the same method of mirroring patients is often used. Removing superficial symptoms creates suppression of a disease, tricking the host into feeling better whilst it festers beneath the surface until it erupts, magnified and explicit, too often with dire consequences.

We are currently in a pandemic of the fascist disease, which has matured beneath the surface for too many years. Its symptoms have evolved with the explicit deceit we are now witnessing, and all the destruction, anger and growing hatred of those infected. I believe we are at the tail end of any suppression. On the front line against it are some truly intelligent, emotionally aware, eloquent and knowledgeable people, fighting in courts, with words and protests, frantically mirroring back the problem so it doesn't totally annihilate our species.

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